Why Does Organic Milk Last Longer Than Regular Milk?

by Your Host on January 11, 2012

Why Does Organic Milk Last Longer Than Regular Milk?

organic milk vs regular milkHave you ever noticed that organic milk lasts longer than regular milk? Typically, your ordinary milk would go bad within a week or even less depending on when you’ve bought it, but organic milk lasts much longer, sometimes up to a month or at least two or three weeks. If you’re like me, then you’re probably wondering what the secret to organic milk’s longevity is.

Well, the pro-organic camp may point to the fact that organic is “better” and thus lasts longer, but in reality this is a myth and has nothing to do with the organic-ness of the milk at all. The longevity is down to a certain unique process used to prepare organic milk, and you’ll discover exactly how this works in a minute.

The Secret Behind The Longevity Of Organic Milk

The secret behind the longevity of organic milk is the process behind preserving the milk, and not actually the organic-ness of the milk itself. Because of the way that the milk is produced, it needs to be preserved for much longer than traditional milk and therefore it is preserved using the UHT method instead of the traditional methods.

This is a method that has been used for centuries now to kill bacteria, and it simply involves heating the milk to an “ultra high temperature” which is about 280 degrees Fahrenheit or 138 degrees Celsius for a couple of seconds.

Compared to the traditional method of pasteurizing the milk, it doesn’t kill all the bacteria in the milk, just enough so that you don’t get sick drinking it. This is why the traditional milk tends to go bad quicker, while the UHT preserved milk lasts much, much longer.

So wouldn’t all milk producers just be better off using UHT to preserve their milk rather than just the organic farms?

Well there are a couple of downsides to processing the milk using the UHT process, one of them being the change in taste. UHT actually sweetens the milk because the heat causes the caramelization of some of the sugar content of the milk. It also destroys some of the vitamin content of the milk and alters the make-up of the proteins in the milk, which some people do not like.

The Final Verdict On Organic Milk

All things considered, there’s nothing in organic milk that has been added that will adversely harm your health in terms of preservatives, but the processing does sacrifice a little bit of the milk’s nutritional content.

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